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Jessie Freeman

While Bespoke Winery Solutions is Jessie's newest baby, she does have three children of her own. Kaitlyn and Aiden are both grown and have moved on to start their adult journeys. Dylan begins his sophomore year at Napa High School this Fall. As Jessie has raised her children, she has participated in many of their school and sports activities. Serving for multiple years on parent club and little league boards. Jessie has also run and participated in many fundraisers to benefit her kids' activities.


When her children were young, she owned a successful home daycare. This allowed her to stay home with her children and learn about running a business while navigating close relations with parents and their children. Much like a small business owner feels their business is their child. She understands the personal touch needed when growing a "child."


As her children were moving into school age, she saw an opportunity to transition into another career. This began her bookkeeping journey. She seized the moment by becoming the first employee of a small bookkeeping company in downtown Napa. Many years later, she has worked through training, education, growth, and learning how to troubleshoot best and provide the many unique needs of small businesses. 

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