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Sarah Feeley has worked with various hospitality industry businesses for more than ten years. Her love of wine and her passion for numbers has led her to focus mainly on the financial side of the wine industry. She aims to help wineries and other wine-focused businesses streamline their accounting practices to reduce costs and increase effectiveness allowing winery owners, winemakers, and grape growers to focus on their passion for creating beautiful wines. 

Sarah has been working in winery accounting and bookkeeping since 2015, finding her true passion in cost accounting.  She completed and obtained certificates in Wine Industry Finance & Accounting in 2020 and Wine Business Management in 2021 from the Wine Business Institute School of Business & Economics at Sonoma State University in California.


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Napa-Native, born and raised, Jessie Freeman has seen the wine industry in Napa Valley grow and evolve. Like many large companies have moved into the Valley, purchasing wineries in bulk, small, boutique wineries have also found their niche within the Valley. This is where Jessie has found the desire and passion to similarly fill a Niche within the Valley but with finances and business services.


Her experience over the years has afforded her insight into a variety of small businesses. She has provided bookkeeping services and accounting solutions to a range of wineries, from those that are just starting to wineries that have years of vintages under their belts. She finds excitement and reward assisting owners in understanding the financial needs of their specific business. Translating and trouble-shooting Income statements, Balance Sheets, Cash Flow Analysis, and Budget Performance Analysis into easily understood and implementable goals and procedures is what drives Jessie to get out of bed each morning. Seriously, she loves it.

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